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Five Ways Truck Accidents Are More Complicated than Other Crashes in California

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When semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles collide with cars, the result is anything but a typical collision. A Riverside, CA, truck accident involves factors you don’t see with other collisions, from more severe injuries to complex liability issues. To maximize your compensation after a truck crash, you need an experienced and dedicated legal team.

The Riverside, CA, truck accident attorneys at Wagner Zemming Christensen, LLP, understand the complications of these cases. Our attorneys have over 40 years of legal experience and the tenacity to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. Below you’ll find five reasons why truck accidents in California are more complex than other crashes.

1 – More Severe Injuries

Semi-trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, making collisions immensely forceful. Furthermore, their higher ground clearance can cause smaller vehicles to slide beneath, resulting in devastating “underride accidents.” Moreover, trucks need more space to stop safely, and unsecured cargo can intensify a crash or lead to secondary accidents. Finally, limited maneuverability means trucks can’t dodge sudden obstacles as quickly as cars. Given these challenges, truck accidents don’t just mean bigger crashes – they often mean graver injuries.

2 – More Liable Parties

Truck accidents in California differ from typical car collisions because they often involve multiple liable parties. For instance, the trucking company might be liable for negligent hiring practices or encouraging a driver to violate Hours of Service rules. Improperly loaded cargo? The loading company could be accountable. Mechanical failures can even drag in parts manufacturers. With so many parties trying to limit their liability, untangling the mess requires experienced legal counsel.

3 – Greater Economic Losses

The fallout from a truck accident doesn’t just manifest in physical trauma; it can also severely strain an injured driver’s finances. Given the heightened severity of truck-related collisions, medical bills often soar, as victims may need longer hospital stays, multiple surgeries, or prolonged treatments. But the financial impact doesn’t end there.

Due to the intense damage trucks can inflict on smaller vehicles, repair or replacement costs skyrocket. Additionally, the severity of injuries might mean extended time off work or, in dire situations, a potential inability to return to one’s profession. This loss of income, paired with accumulating medical expenses and property damage, often results in an economic burden that far surpasses typical car accident repercussions.

4 – Different Types of Evidence

While car accidents often rely on witness accounts, photos of the scene, and police reports, truck accidents introduce another layer of evidence. One key difference is the truck’s Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) or “black box.” This device captures vital data like the truck’s speed, brake usage, and even steering wheel angles leading up to the collision. Furthermore, truck drivers must maintain logs detailing their hours, ensuring they aren’t surpassing regulatory limits. There may also be weight tickets, inspection reports, and maintenance records that shed light on the truck’s condition and whether it adhered to safety standards.

5 – Defendants with Deep Pockets

When truck accidents occur, trucking companies come out swinging with vast legal teams and deep pockets. These legal teams are experienced and aggressive, dedicated to reducing liability and payout. For the unprepared, it’s not just David vs. Goliath; it’s David vs. a team of Goliaths. Trucking companies deploy this formidable assembly of resources to dissect claims, challenge evidence, and often push victims toward small settlements.

Injured in a California Truck Crash? We Can Help

As Riverside truck accident attorneys with decades of experience, the team at Wagner Zemming Christensen, LLP, proudly defends the rights of those injured in these horrific crashes. While truck crashes are often more complicated than car accidents, we have the knowledge, experience, and determination to help you recover maximum compensation from these complex situations. Call 951-686-4800 today or complete our online contact form for a confidential case review.

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