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Private Mediation Sessions in California

What is Mediation?

A mediation is a private, informal meeting between two people who want assistance resolving a conflict (parties in a dispute.) They meet with a mediator, who remains neutral throughout the process. It is the mediators job to ask questions and to help the parties draft an agreement which they sign and date. People who mediate find it to be a dignified and effective way to solve a dispute, one which spares them a lot of the aggravation and expense of litigation (going to court.)

If you are seeking more information about private mediation sessions in California, call us at 951-686-4800. You may also contact our law firm online for assistance .

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Mediation

Wagner Zemming Christensen is Experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution

The use of alternative dispute resolution processes has increased rapidly over the past two decades in the public and private sector. Litigants filing court cases are turning frequently to mediation and arbitration as a less formal, cost-effective means to resolve problems. Organizations are using mediation to improve working relationships, cut legal costs, and increase productivity. Mediation allows the parties to discuss the issues and create their own agreements in a confidential setting.

Dennis E. Wagner is available for private mediations. He has conducted private mediations and been a mediator attorney settlement officer for the Federal Court as well as being on the Arbitration Panel for the Superior Court of the state of California, county of San Bernardino 1990 to the present.

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Call us at 951-686-4800 or e-mail Dennis E. Wagner to set up a consultation to discuss mediation.


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