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Defending Your Company Against Wrongful Termination Claims

As an employer, you need to do what is best for your business. In a small business, that means taking care of all sorts of issues — including, sometimes, claims by employees that they were illegally fired.

What Does California Law Say About Wrongful Termination?

Under California employment law, when a job does not have a set duration it is generally considered to be “at-will” employment. And when a job is at will, either the business or the worker can end it at any time.

But California law also contains various complications and exceptions to this general role. After he or she is let go, one of your former workers may claim employee rights were violated.

For example, the employee may contend that the discharge was wrongful because it was done in retaliation for the employee’s refusal to perform an illegal act. In other cases, there may also be allegations of sexual harassment or some type of improper discrimination.

How We Can Help You Respond to the Allegations

Our firm can help you with training designed to avoid wrongful termination allegations in the first place. This means making sure all of your communications show as clearly as possible that nothing more than at-will employment is intended.

We can also respond to wrongful termination allegations on your behalf with professionalism and an eye for protecting both your bottom line and your reputation. Our lawyers can use our experience in wrongful termination cases to develop the right strategy for your situation.

To schedule a confidential consultation with an attorney at our firm, give us a call or complete the easy potential client online form.


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