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Five Reasons Why You Should Call a Lawyer for a Car Accident in Riverside, CA

Car Accident

Five Reasons Why You Should Call a Lawyer for a Car Accident in Riverside, CA

Representing yourself in your Riverside car collision claim might seem like a good idea at first, but beware. You are not saving yourself money if you try to negotiate your claim without a lawyer’s assistance. In reality, you are losing money. There is a huge downside to taking that course of action. Here are five reasons to consider why you should hire a successful and aggressive Riverside auto accident attorney like the car wreck attorneys from Wagner & Pelayes, LLP to represent you and your family.

Five Reasons Why You Should Retain Counsel for your Riverside Car Accident Case:

1.) Settling your case with the insurance company quickly is fraught with danger.

Insurance companies will frequently offer small settlements or settlements that sound attractive up front. Auto insurers are not trying to help you; they want to save money. The insurance company will require you to release them and their insured driver from additional claims when you settle. Therefore, you will be lost if you need further medical treatment or surgery after the settlement. Additionally, you might be out of work for longer than you originally anticipated. You cannot seek damages for those additional losses if you settle your case prematurely, even if you could not foresee the need when you settled the matter.

2.) You can get more money for your losses if you allow an experienced, savvy, and accomplished Riverside auto accident attorney negotiate your claim.

The Riverside auto accident lawyers from Wagner & Pelayes LLP have enjoyed tremendous experience, and success, negotiating with auto insurers on behalf of their clients. Their knowledge of California negligence law coupled with their passionate pursuit of justice for their clients helps them maximize their clients’ damage awards.

3.) The law of negligence in California is a complex area of the law.

To effectively negotiate a claim, you must know all of the permutations of the law of negligence in California. If you are not an expert in California negligence laws, then your lack of knowledge could be a tremendous stumbling block for you. For instance, missing the statute of limitations date will forever jeopardize your claim.

4.) Hiring an attorney will discuss with you the best options for your case.

You might not be aware of specific options like going to mediation or arbitration. You might not know when to file a lawsuit and stop negotiating with a low-balling insurance adjuster. You might not know how to file a case in court and then how to work the case through the court system to a favorable resolution for you. The judge cannot do it for you and insurance defense counsel certainly will not.

5.) You have no financial obligation.

Wagner & Pelayes’ Riverside auto accident lawyers will accept your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not need to shell out money from your pocket to hire them, and they only obtain compensation if they win your case. Their fee is a percentage of your settlement.

Talk to our Riverside Auto Collision Lawyers today to find out more.

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