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What You Should Know About Civil Litigation Before Filing a Lawsuit

What You Should Know About Civil Litigation Before Filing A Lawsuit

Although many people have a basic understanding of civil litigation, this area of the law tends to be complex and requires compliance with a wide range of procedural rules. For this reason, it is extremely important for those who believe that they may have standing to file a civil claim in court, to first contact an experienced civil litigation attorney who can explain their legal options.


What is Civil Litigation?


Civil litigation involves the filing of a lawsuit by one or more parties who have become embroiled in a legal dispute and are seeking monetary compensation, the fulfillment of the terms of a contract, or another form of damages other than criminal sanctions. Civil litigation proceedings usually start when two or more parties are unable to resolve their legal dispute in an out-of-court setting and so choose to take the issue to a courtroom, where a judge or jury will ultimately resolve the matter.


Filing a civil claim also involves a number of proceedings that occur prior to trial, including everything from pretrial hearings and depositions to interrogatories and attempts at arbitration or mediation. Each of these proceedings comes with its own set of procedural requirements, which can make it nearly impossible for plaintiffs who have not retained an experienced trial attorney to successfully resolve their claims. Please contact our legal team today to learn more about how we can help ensure that your own civil matter goes as smoothly as possible.


Types of Civil Litigation


Civil litigation encompasses a wide range of legal matters, including:

  • Personal injury claims;
  • Real estate matters;
  • Environmental law issues;
  • Product liability cases;
  • Employment and labor law claims;
  • Medical malpractice claims;
  • Commercial real estate matters; and
  • Family law issues.

Because civil litigation is an adversarial process, it is important for those who are involved in filing this type of claim, to retain an attorney who can advocate on their behalf.


The Stages of Civil Litigation


Civil litigation can be divided into a number of different categories, including the following:

  • Investigation;
  • Pleadings;
  • Discovery;
  • Pre-trial proceedings;
  • Settlement negotiations;
  • Trial; and
  • Appellate proceedings.

Of these stages, discovery is often the most difficult and labor-intensive phase of a case, as it involves exchanging information related to a claim through the use of subpoenas, depositions, and interrogatories. Subpoenas are demands for documentation or information from third parties, while depositions involve asking the parties certain questions that are posed orally and under oath. Interrogatories are the written form of depositions.


Although not all lawsuits pass through each of these stages, it is still critical to speak with a civil litigation lawyer who has the skills and knowledge to successfully navigate these phases before going forward.


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